Deployment Strategy Infographic for Optimizely DXP

Deployment Strategy Infographic for Optimizely DXP
Photo by Alvaro Reyes / Unsplash

Since Optimizely (Episerver) published the Deployment API. for you DXP deployments, it enabled some new deployment strategies regarding how you could setup your environments.

For example, you don’t need any more a internal testing environment, since you can deploy separately to Integration and Production environments from different branches.

Before you probably deployed your main-branch to integration and from there it went to production step by step through DXP deployment pipeline.

I’d recommend e.g., this kind of approach:

In the picture we are using only main-branch with tags to create production releases. You could also use additional release-branches or a “release candidate strategy”.

You can download the infographic from here:

Additional resources

Folks at Epinova have a great documentation and tools available how to utilize DXP deployments in practice. I highly recommend going through these and you’ll be set for great DXP deliveries.

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